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Evergreen Training Online

All Training is NOT Created Equal

There are plenty of training strategies on the market to choose from and most don’t fit every business.  The commonality of these courses is that the better ones have a lifecycle approach, with most ending in the post-submittal activities. 


Our “Evergreen Training Model” is a true lifecycle model that doesn’t end at the victory celebration.  Evergreen is a neural network approach designed to leverage the traditional methods of growing a business, enhanced with the linkages necessary to create a multidimensional and evolutionary knowledge landscape that considers customers, business drivers, capabilities, and providers in every aspect of the growth opportunity.  We will train you how to go beyond being reactive and move you further up the customer value chain, show you how to work with them to solve challenges they are unaware of.  Like the brain, there is an eco-system that exists in the market, and each of the elements has various connections that spawn needs and connections to other elements. 


With Evergreen, you will learn the many elements of an eco-system, why they are important, how to manage them, and how to turn all that data into a learning and evolutionary knowledge base.

About Evergreen

Format – Our Evergreen training is presented in a logical format that follows traditional lifecycle models, which makes it easier for current business growth professionals and other support personnel to easily engage and follow.  The training includes course material that offers a roadmap of activities as well as templates and artifacts to help capture data and meta data.  The meta data created will include the connective linkages between the artifacts and other elements within the eco-system such as needs, cost, performance, future extensibility, and many others.  The training course can be licensed for reuse in various capacities.

Content – The content builds the data into knowledge by answering what, when, why, where, why, and how.  Every part of the organization has a stake in the answers to these questions, or you will be destined to repeat the learning exercise on each new opportunity.  In addition to the course materials, sample exercises will not only focus on a single opportunity but will demonstrate how to build a strategic business strategy for a single market to multiple markets across multiple technical domains.

Application - In addition to the course materials, sample exercises are provided to test mastery of the information and how it is applied in real-world activities.  You will be presented with a business opportunity and guided through the development of the neural network development of the opportunity, where we show you how to understand and leverage the nuanced information and develop patterns of understanding that are often overlooked in traditional approaches and methods. 

Differentiators – Evergreen has several differentiators that produce better and more comprehensive results by expanding your approach to winning and growing opportunities repeatedly.  You will learn how to leverage your new knowledge base from one opportunity to many through our neural approach.  This neural approach and knowledge base becomes a competitive intelligence database that contains information about every element in the ecosystem, including customers, competitors, partners, capabilities, and the list goes on.   Evergreen provides everyone on your team with the ability to be better informed, make better decisions, and focus on the things that help you grow your business.  There are typically huge disconnects between CRM, Business Development, Capture, and proposal tools and methods. 

Evergreen solves these disconnects and helps our clients learn how to get even more out of their efforts.

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