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About Fulcrum Vets

The Fulcrum Vets leadership team offers a wide range of capabilities to include a solid history of working closely with customers, at all levels, to improve overall performance and reduce Information Technology (IT) costs by knowing their business processes, evaluating current operations, applying operational and business metrics to help manage performance, and maturing complex environments to posture customers and partners to meet changing business requirements.  Our unique capabilities for helping customers design a strategic business strategy has transformed and broadened their long-range strategy, resulting in increased growth and capabilities.  The additional value that the Fulcrum Vets Team provides our customers, is our proven program and project management skills and capabilities, with hands-on experience in delivering the features that make up our Products & Services offerings.  Fulcrum Vets understands what it takes to provide our customers and partners a service and possess unique capabilities that other Service-Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business’ do not. 


The Fulcrum Vets team brings major IT operations experience and major systems integrator experience to any engagement, and we will leverage that experience to significantly improve the probability of success and reduce risk on the programs we manage.  We understand one of industry’s goals is to align business process maturity and program control disciplines, while leveraging technology solutions and department/agency strategies. 


Delving deeper into the various business and IT strategies and initiatives across agencies/departments, the Fulcrum Vets Team has identified best practices, processes and business drivers that are critical to the mission and provide a successful program operation and IT business support model.  We have successfully identified and developed measures, processes and solutions that help transform challenging areas into thriving and successful mission effective operations.

Meet the Team




Fulcrum Vets was founded on the principles of doing the right thing, for the right reason, the right way. We are in business to ensure our customers are successful in achieving their most difficult tasks and solving their most complex challenges!

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